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Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Wool Fleece Electric Blanket Queen

Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Wool Fleece Electric Blanket Queen


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Sleep in luxury with the Sunbeam Sleep Perfect Antibacterial Wool Fleece Electric Blanket. Featuring Sunbeam’s Sleep Perfect Technology™, the blanket is designed to sense changes in room and body temperature to automatically adjust and maintain your heat setting for a restful sleep. Keep your bed fresh with antibacterial properties of 100% Australian Wool as you snuggle into plush comfort. Engineered with exclusive Italian wiring technology, the blanket is safe from overheating, providing peace-of-mind and premium comfort for a restful sleep.


    - Have your bed warm in 5 minutes while the Sleep Perfect Technology™ maintains your settings by adjusting the blanket heat to changes your body and room temperature.
    - Get the added warmth of a snuggly 600gsm 100% Australian wool top. With its natural antibacterial properties, you can be assured of fresher and more hygienic blanket. Once the season is over, just use the blanket as a mattress protector for ultimate comfort.
    - Left and right controllers allow for personalised settings on each side - select from 6 heat levels and automatic switch off after 1, 3 or 9 hours.
    - The blanket automatically switches off when the built-in safety mechanism detects abnormal heat and electric current.
    - Detachable controls and waterproof elements allow the blanket to be easily washed by hand or machine.


    1530 x 2000 mm


    36 month replacement warranty

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