Save $200 on selected Miele Washer & Dryer Matching Pairs

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Miele Laundry Package Offer: Save $200 on the washing machine and tumble dryer package that is chosen.

Customers have up to 90 days from date of purchase of their washing machine to purchase the matching tumble dryer at the package price saving. Saving applies to tumble dryer model purchased. Non-matching Miele washing machine and tumble dryer packages can be purchased. Saving associated with particular Miele tumble dryer model will apply.

Please see current Miele price list for details of savings available on specific Miele washing machine and tumble dryer packages.

*Excludes Miele Professional appliances.

** Due to both unprecedented
demand and the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, there may be a delay in delivery of this product. Please check with your sales consultant to confirm expected delivery of this item.

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