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Sunbeam Pie Magic Snack Size 2 Up

Sunbeam Pie Magic Snack Size 2 Up


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Smaller size home made pies for delicious treats and snacks on the run. Turn leftovers or any pre-cooked filling into tasty pies in around 5 minutes. Smaller size pies, perfect for in between meals, snacks on the run, lunch boxes or desserts.


    - Pastry cutter - Easily cut the large round bases and smaller tops from ready rolled or home made pastry for perfect shaped pies
    - Deep plates - Extra deep base and top plates, make snack pies with extra filling. Crimper seal locks in delicious fillings
    - Easy clean - Non-stick plates simply wipe clean with a damp cloth
    - Pie diameter 8.5cm
    - Crimper seal
    - Heats store brought pies
    - Vertical storage
    - Dimensions: 100H x 250W x 270D mm


    12 month replacement warranty

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