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Sunbeam 1.7L Alinea Select Kettle

Sunbeam 1.7L Alinea Select Kettle


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Different types of tea and coffee require different temperatures for optimal brewing and taste. The right temperature maximizes flavor while keeping the taste balanced for the perfect brew. Alinea™ Select Temperature Select kettle combines elegant form with Select technology. Select your beverage brewing temperature and enjoy perfect brew everyday.


- 1.7L - One Boil prepares enough water for 7 standards cups.
- Rapid boil - Powerful 2400 watt element enables rapid heating and is concealed in the kettle base for easy cleaning.
- Temperature Select - Choose between 5 optimal temperature settings: Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Coffee or Just Boil.
- Luxurious chalky matte finish


12 month replacement warranty

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