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Scanpan Classic 7 Piece Knife Block Set

Scanpan Classic 7 Piece Knife Block Set


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This SCANPAN Classic 7 piece knife block contains a 9cm paring knife, 14cm tomato/cheese knife, 15cm utility knife, 20cm carving knife, 20cm bread knife and 20cm chef knife, all in a modern oak block with stainless steel foot.

SCANPAN has rejuvenated their current popular Classic knives by upgrading the range with an elegant and sleek design - the Classic knife range has been modernised and the performance enhanced. The Classic knives are perfectly balanced with a new ergonomic bolster to improve chopping grip. Each knife is crafted from the finest grade German stainless steel , the blade thickness for optimised weight.The blade is flawlessly taper ground to a "hairline finish" ; to increase corrosion resistance. Finally, the blade is manufactured to Rockwell test standards to ensure that it's tempered and hardened to perfection with a hardness scale of HRC 56-57.


- Finest quality German stainless steel
- Superior "Hairline Finish" taper ground cutting edge
- Hardness tested to HRC 56-57
- Genuine Danish design
- Perfectly weighted and balanced
- Ergonomic trilobal handle design
- Rounded back of knife blade for increased finger comfort
- New ergonomic bolster improves chopping grip

Maintenance & Care

- SCANPAN Classic Knives will last a lifetime if afforded proper care.
- To avoid accidental injury and blade damage, treat knives with respect and always handle with due care
- Cutting on a soft, non abrasive surface such as a timber or plastic cutting board will help prevent premature dulling of the blade
- Regular use of a SCANPAN Classic Diamond Sharpening Steel will ensure that your knives retain their keen razor sharp edge
- All SCANPAN Classic knives are dishwasher safe however due to the harsh nature of the machine cleansing process, we recommend that you hand wash your knife and dry it with a towel
- Use a storage block to house your knives and protect the blades. Never store cutlery pieces loose in a drawer


10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

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