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Scanpan Classic 3 Stage Ceramic Sharpener

Scanpan Classic 3 Stage Ceramic Sharpener


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This SCANPAN Classic 3 step ceramic water sharpener is extremely easy to use and recommended for sharpening SCANPAN knives and most other knife brands. The sharpener has three ceramic wheels - coarse, medium and fine to maintain your knife blades. Fill the wheel compartment with water for efficient cooling and sharpening of the blade. Draw the knife back and forth several times through each stage.


- Knife Sharpener with 3 step system
- Safe, easy to use, clean and store
- Wet sharpening for the most efficient sharpening result
- Coarse, medium and fine wheels
- Stage 1: Blue - for Coarse sharpening. Use to fully restore the knife's dull edge
- Stage 2: Pink - for Medium sharpening. Use for standard sharpening of the knife edge
- Stage 3: White - for fine sharpening. Use for honing and maintaining an ultra sharp knife edge
- Anti-slip rubber pads on the base for safe sharpening
- Removable lid for ease of filling, cleaning and drying
- Genuine Danish design

Maintenance & Care

- Remove the lid and fill the base tray of the sharpener with water.Secure the lid back onto the sharpener
- Place the sharpener on a flat surface and hold it down firmly with one hand.
- Place the knife into the appropriate stage groove and move the knife back and forth using light pressure.Repeat the moevemnet as many times as necessary (15-20)
- After use, remove the lid, drain the water and wipe the sharpener and the ceramic stones dry


10 year warranty against manufacturing defects

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