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Food Saver 2x 28cm Rolls

Food Saver 2x 28cm Rolls


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Cut roll to make bags to the size you need, then wash & reuse. FoodSaver® bags and rolls are extremely durable, with a unique construction to keep your food fresh and prevent waste. FoodSaver® creates a commercial quality vacuum seal to lock in freshness, flavour and nutrients and prevent freezer burn. FoodSaver® keeps food fresh up to 5X longer than traditional storage methods.


    - Durable & strong - FoodSaver bags and rolls are extremely durable to resist punctures and strong enough to simmer & microwave and to reuse again and again. The multi-layer construction creates an air-tight commercial quality seal.
    - Prevents freezer burn - Unique air channel design, removes air and moisture from the bag to prevent freezer burn and food spoilage.
    - BPA free - BPA free, and microwave, fridge, freezer, simmer and sous vide safe
    - In the box: 2 Rolls. 28cm x 5.4m


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